Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rumpy and Nutrition Info to Come

Well no news is good news with the Excitable Boy. Rumpy was really good all night. Amazing considering I did not work with them as I needed an early mental health night.

He was good and although he did wake when I did and started grooming whoever was near a simple word and he stopped. He also decided to stay in the spot I like for him. When he lays next to my pillow he is away from any other cat so altercations are kept to a minimum. When he gets antsy he just hops onto the floor and meanders into the living room. Since they keep it quiet out there I am none the wiser. Fine with me.

Nutritional Rant
I have some veterinary texts coming this week. I am tired of the Rants so decided to end this for myself once and for all. Now not to dis those who have web sites dedicated to the various causes, BUT, and this is a capitol BUT for a reason!

Have you looked at some of their backgrounds? OK there are one or a few that actually have a degree in the sciences. BUT when there are "Recipes" with Garlic for cats it makes one wonder. Makes one think of overflow from the human organic movement. Which if you follow is just plan fine. Unless you RANT!

Now I am not a vet BUT I am not totally lay. I did have to learn all about anatomy and physiology. Yes I had to learn nutrition also. And I am an advanced practice RN. Yes, I was the guy who used to care for loved family and I did a darn good job too. If I still had my leg maybe I would have started the Medical School I was supposed to next semester. That is history and a mystery. I may add very few of our ilk, humans, seem to have any knowledge at all. BUT, they may have read the internets. Scary.

I also have a bit of anecdotal nutritional understanding from 10+ years of power-lifting and body building. Yes those halcyon daze of yore are gone BUT the work I put in learning about nutrition is not. Again, no, it is not Cat nutrition, BUT, the metabolism is very similar. The Anatomy is different.

The Cat uses ATP just like we do. Since they are Obligate Carnivores their Anatomy is different so the production of ATP the same but there is a twist. Proteins and a bit of fats more than carbohydrates. Well, Duh! BUT why then do those "Recipes" include, uh, starch or green veggies? Then there are the essential amino-acids we all need but cats do not produce Taurine. Why should they. The prey does.  So as you see there is more to come! Much much more!

Commercial-Crew  vs Raw-Ranting
Remember that there are those who Rant on both sides of the Raw Issue. The Commercial-Crew say that any home made and especially Raw will cause endless Cat-astrophe to all concerned. The Raw-Ranters say that only the food a cat eats in their wild state is acceptable.

I wonder which side with go down the route of those who live by flushing their systems to remove "Pounds of Fecal Waste". You know it is true because it is on TV.

It should take a week or so to get through the texts and give me an idea on the reality of a cats needs and to compare to the Rants. No I will not have a degree in Feline Nutrition. Not even close. But I will know the Runts in the Rant and the Chumps in the Crew.

Whoa! Looks like I have been on a... RANT!

Have a Great Week

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