Monday, August 13, 2012

Pops Pontificates on Making Cat Food

Making Home Made Cat Food - The Dash to the Dish!

So now that we are a few weeks into our family having an option on meals the results are in:

Previously they kind of moseyed in at different times.They would leisurely eat their fill. Get up and move off to begin their groom-nap cycle. All very plain and repetitive.

Now they all run in and jostle each other to get in on the action. Buddy, Rumpy and Buttons are always the first to the plates and I have now gone to 3 dishes where before I only needed 2. I also have to put a bit more down at dinner so there is enough for every cat. I may have to limit serving size if we cannot begin to slow down the vacuum effect a bit.

The best part is the results over the past few weeks in Health

Rumpy's Bump: Rumpy had one very small loose stool that I only mention in the interest of full disclosure. His bump has been so clean I smile every time he goes by. Even better is how relaxed he is during his "check up on Pop" morning bathroom patrol.

In the past he would be a bit jumpy on days after he needed his Bump cleaned. And then there was the subterfuge. How I hated the Bump Dance.

It would begin when I would see or, more often, smell my pals problem and right away we both start our Bump Dance; both playing that nothing is up. Rumpy with the "Bump? My Bump is just fine. Clean as a whistle" and me with the "Clean your Bump? Never. It is Clean as a whistle". Around and around we go, where we stop, we both know. Then the grab. The wipe. The double or triple wipe on bad days. Later on and for a day or so I would make nice while Rumpy would walk on egg shells. Not good for our relationship and now we are back to normal. Priceless.

Buddy's Bind
The old Galoot is doing well too. No problems with constipation have been noted. It has not been very long so I cannot tell for sure but I really think things look good.  Even better he is a bit more energetic. The best is how this has reinvigorated to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes. Nipping!

Buddy loves chasing other cats off of his table during our morning coffee. He starts with the evil eye. Then he goes over and gets in their space. Now you know when you get in a cats space it is put up or shut up. Buddy puts up with a nip that 9 out of 10 times sends the interloper running off to the cat tree. I love that my pal is feeling good. The little work in making this food has paid off wonderfully.

Cat Food Production Updates:
Making this food has been a learning experience. I think that the next batch will be the best so far.

Portion Control: I had been throwing some food away due to putting too much down. I now put about 1/4 cup per dish. As I put down a dish in the AM and 2 in the PM. I will be changing to glass Ball jars that will hold more.

Palatablility: Water Content is important. One of the reasons I was throwing some away was that it was too dry and after being on the plate for 2 hours it was just like a clump of stuff. Since it is chicken I do not want to leave it out to incubate what-ever.
I now add enough so that is like thin oatmeal after I thaw out a portion bag which is about a cup. I add at least another 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water. That really adds to how far it goes and it helps my guys stay hydrated.

Storage: I think using bags may is one way to go. I saw Giant store brand bags which were on sale but decided on Ball jars. I got 12 with lids for under 10 bucks. I decided on going with the glass for 3 reasons.
1. I like to conserve and recycle so glass is the way to go.
2. I am cheap. Although more at first the glass will pay back over time.
3. Cleaning. Glass is easy to clean. I had been thinking of plastic storage containers but they get a greasy film on them from the chicken fat. It may be in my head but they just feels slimy even after a bunch of scrubbing.

So there we are. If you decide to try it out let me know your results.

Pete aka: Pops

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