Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Behavior: Is it Aggression or Feline Hyperesthesia

There are six cats in my home who have filtered in over the course of almost five years. During that time there have been some small arguments, but, they since the addition of one particular cat they have really gotten annoying. I use that term as there have been no trips to the vet, no bleeding on the floor, bites, scratches, sequestering of one or the other while I am away from home. So what is it I am all cranky over? Let me tell you.

3:30AM Wake-Ups to Screaming Cats! Having the Great-Escape over my head while reading in bed. Having to check a page for errors after a cat uses my laptop pathway in his Great Escape. Come on cats and give dad a break. I do hold the treats you know.

And that is the crux. They may not be dangerous or hurtful but they sure are a real annoyance. There was a time there was never a day without some kind of wild crashing and dashing, jumping and lashing, growling and gnashing. It can wear a feline father figure down to the nub. It can put everyone on edge and impacts healthy and loving relationships. What to do?

I have started a regular program of play. We have at least a half hour of play every night that is planned on the Hunt-Catch-Kill/Eat-Groom-Sleep plan. That means I always give them a treat when we are done the play. I think that really gives them a bit of added excitement since they all come running at playtime. Why not? Treats follow. Now with all that said and done we still have a problem with Rumpy.

He is just an endlessly nudgey cat. If another is sleeping on the couch he has to go over and poke him. If one walks by he purposefully intercepts them to cause a confrontation. He just does out of his way to bug the other cats. I admit he is better about breaking off fights when cats are done but not always.

Now Rumpy was born to a breeder of Bob-Tails. and abandoned to a no kill shelter since he was a Rumpy. When I adopted him I asked if he had neurological issues which can come with a genetic lack of tail. I have heard that Bob-Tails should not be bred together to prevent this but I am no expert. Needless to say he was not incontinent so I felt they told me the truth.

Now that he is older I have found that he may have a bit of a problem. For the first year he was with me he had an issue with diarrhea. He would get very messy and need cleaning every couple of days. On observation I noticed he had a very odd way of going. Good old breeder taking a kit from his mother too soon. I also saw he would get up before being done. I feel he does not feel his back end like he should. He gets up and when he turns to cover his duty he smears himself. My poor little man hate this since it means a cleaning. Now that may be the problem but since that is an issue he may have more problems.

It looks like he also has Rolling Skin. He lays there and his whole back rolls. He also gets a wild look and his pupils fill his eyes. When this happens he is more prone to his attacks. I really love my Rumpus but he is a troubled teen. He just howled up at the ceiling.

One of the things that is said to trigger the behavior may be hypoglycemia. I feel this is right on the money as he gets all bent out of shape at night if I have not put out an evening snack. He has been better since staring on Home Made Chicken Cat Food and many think that additives can cause this also. So there are no hard and fast answers which drives me crazy. I am a solution kind of guy and feel like my wheels are spinning out here.

Help for Neurological Hyperesthesia

  • Frequent meals to prevent hypoglycemia
  • Feed natural home made and avoid additives
Not much I admit but when this problem presents every little bit helps.

Please send any information you may have to help others and I will add it to this page.
Pete aka Pops

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