Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Timmy's Horrible Vet Visit 03/31/21

 Thanks Timmy. This is the story. About a year ago I noticed Timmy was losing some weight. Not a lot, but losing it over time and it can sneak up on you. 6 months ago he had his geriatric exam(14 in Jul) with all labs being fine. I mentioned that he had a “rough purr” which I noticed as he is a huge purr machine when we are together. They said there was "nothing". So alright. Last Month I got Tim another appointment since Rumpy was going in and I was really starting to notice the weight loss. Of course he saw the PTU and was gone. Fast forward to last Wed 03-31. He had a 2pm and I wanted a blood panel and check up for inappetence, or not eating and they say I can pick him up in an hour or two. So they call in 3 hours saying “We had a few emergencies so can we keep Timmy will call in the morning. I say alright. This has been my vet for 40+ years with not a problem at all. Next morning no call. I call at 11. “Mr C we will call at 1pm so you can get Timmy.” No call so I call. No answer. I call 7 times. I get someone and they say “We had an emergency come in and...” I start to see the light and ask is Dr King the only vet there? “Yes. We are taking good care of Timmy! Dr King will call you by 5” So I should have gone right up but wanted an answer as to what was wrong. No Call. I call 5 times to get through and say the doctor better call or there will be "issues." (No yelling or cursing but issues means legal, they know that) The call: “Hi Mr C Timmy is fine. His white count is 38000. We gave him a long acting antibiotic shot and he has an IV and will be ready to go home in the morning.” A weak sorry was in there somewhere. I call on Friday and get the "The Doctor..." I say "No, How about I am on my way!" I get there and see the doc and get what I call "The Story." It goes as above, yada yada yada. Blah Blah Blah. Me “Did he eat?” Doc: “They never eat here.” Me: “What?” Doc: “They never eat here. A few days is alright for a cat.” So I bring a cat in for not eating and I am discharged with no appetite stimulant. No shave or bandage on his leg as always has before when he has an IV. He did not charge but I think he knew I would have cancelled the payment with my CC. Timmy looked rough. He hates being at the vet but 2 nights. I did think he was “getting fluids” which means more than just rehydration. Being a RN I would figure that he would get dextrose and saline in a concentration per the DMV. I am pretty sure he did not have any at all. He bounced back but no appetite. He was eating treats so gave him a ¼ tab Mirtazepine on Saturday. It took a day but he ate a bit Sunday night. Monday he went to a new vet and related I was from another vet and they knew where I meant without me saying anything.

The Second Vet Timmy was in and in 30 min they called the car "Mr C, I will transfer you to the Dr" and on came who I call Dr Slow Talker. She sounded like either an idiot or highly medicated.  “He… has… a… whiiiiteee… counnnttt” I was just beyond at this point. I break in “He coming out now, right!” “Yesssss… we… can.... think... abouuut...” I say I will bring him back in a few days if I think we need to. They want to make the appointment. No, thanks I will call. I pay. Doc Calls back “I… wanted… to…” Anyhow she suggests we do a “snap test.” I say he is an inside cat and in an enclosed area (It is Timmy though) Do it! Doc calls back. “We…” Suggest... since... “ Yeah you have the blood. They say a repeat CBC $140 or Chem Screen $230. It’s Timmy. Do the Screen. “I… will…” Thanks Bye. I have to go! So this vet group does the “wallet probe” while my old vet fell in a Black Hole. I will say at least they did give us the transdermal Mirtazepine. Probably for the charge but we have it and it seems to work. I gave Timmy some last night and today he ate almost a can of Fancy Feast. Thanks friends. This Covid has made Vet appointments so difficult for us all. I am so glad my little heart cat is home and hopefully in a week or two, hopefully, this will be past us.

Dad Pete: Our Old Hooman


  1. What an awful sorry you and Timmy got the short shrift as it were. Phooey.
    I am glad the ear gel M is helping. You go Timmy! Eat up!

  2. This is HORRIBLE! What a frightening thing for Timmy especially but you his Dad as well. How horrible. I had a time similar to this with my Admiral. I have been to every vet in town except 1. My Katie goes to one in a township about 12 miles away. They seem to not give you the go-around. Timmy...much MUCH
    love to you. Mom knows how your dad feels and I know how YOU feel.

  3. We are so sorry this happened - and glad that Timmy seems to be headed in the right direction. Did they get any results for TSH or was that one of the things you never heard about ?

  4. Not having Timmy home for 2 nights must have been very stressful for both of you. How sad about your old vet failing you. I am praying Timmy feels better soon. And I hope you can figure out why his wbc is so high. XO